Erectile Dysfunction

who can help with erectile dysfunction?

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Here’s my written review of Bluechew:

I’m quite nervous in the video if you can’t tell, so I wanted to share as much detail as I can via a hand-written Bluechew review.

I decided to give Bluechew a try after hearing about it on one of my favorite podcasts (This Past Weekend with Theo Von). Like I said already, I signed up using the free trial link above which got me a month’s supply of Bluechew (6x30mg tablets of sildenafil) for free.

How Does Bluechew Work?

The way it worked was I signed up using the form, answered a few questions about the medication I’m currently taking. I was then given an online appointment the next day with a doctor. I used my mobile phone to attend the online consultation/appointment and talked to the doctor for probably around 10-15 minutes. I informed him that I was interested in trying sildenafil (Viagra) to help keep a lasting erection during intercourse. At the end of the call, the doctor informed me that he was going to prescribe me with sildenafil. He wrote me a prescription and told me that I was now good to order from the Bluechew website.

Upon logging back into my Bluechew account, I was now able to access the part of the website where I could choose a plan for how many pills I’d like to receive. I chose the $20 plan which is the lowest plan, which gives me 6 tablets of Bluechew. After choosing my plan I was notified that I was going to receive my free trial within the next 5-7 days, then after that, I’d be able to decide whether I want to discontinue the service or stay subscribed for the $20 plan I’d chosen.

My Experience Using Bluechew For The First Time (very detailed – discretion is advised):

I ordered on a Monday, my 6 free pills arrived on Thursday. I was very eager to try them (and my wife was also very excited as well). After work on Thursday, we both skipped dinner and went straight to dessert (if you know what I mean).

I popped a Bluechew sometime around 6pm on a more-or-less empty stomach (I’d not eaten since lunch). The pill kicked in around 15 minutes later and the first thing I noticed was that I could begin to feel myself getting aroused just looking at my wife laying on the bed in her underwear. It was the first time I’d felt “horny” in years. I could feel my erection beginning before we even began kissing.

Once my wife straddled me and we began kissing, I had a full-on erection. My penis was practically sticking at a 90-degree angle and I actually had to take my boxers off as they began to feel too tight since my boner was pressing into the fabric. I went down on my wife for about 20 minutes as I always do and I was honestly so aroused that my penis was erect the entire duration until my wife climaxed. I’ve made a habit of getting my wife to orgasm first mostly since I don’t typically last very long.

My wife proceeded to give me oral (which I typically don’t let last for longer than a few minutes since I don’t want to blow too quickly), but she must have blown me for at least 5-minutes. I typically will feel myself beginning to get too close to the point of climax and will ask her to stop. This time was different.

After she blew me for about 5-minutes, I was absolutely ready to give her the penetration she deserves. I asked if she could stop so I could get down to business. We started in missionary, which is typically where we usually finish a few minutes later, but this time I felt a lot more in control. I also completely forgot about trying to maintain my erection, which is something I’ve had to do for as long as I can remember. During sex, the thought that is typically on a loop in my head is “Keep it up, stay hard, for god’s sake stay hard). This time it completely skipped my mind. I was able to be 100% present and enjoy the moment and I was hard as a rock the entire time.

Now, our typically round of intercourse is typically a few minutes to five minutes at best, this first time using Bluechew, we must have been at it for 25-30 minutes at least. At one point I actually wondered if I’d orgasm at all.

My wife had her second climax during sex (the first being from oral as I said) and we must have gone through about 7-8 different positions. Missionary, doggy (my favorite – since my wife has an absolutely succulent booty), cowgirl (another favorite since I can massage my ladies bum – I’m an ass man if you can’t tell), reverse cowgirl, several positions I can’t name, heck we even did 69 for a bit. It was the best sex I’ve had throughout potentially my entire life but certainly throughout my entire 19 years of marriage.

I really can’t say enough good things about my experience using Bluechew. This company has given me a sex life with my beautiful wife that I couldn’t have dreamed of. After having erectile dysfunction (ED) coupled with premature ejaculation (PE) for so many years, I never thought I’d ever find a solution.

Thank you, Bluechew.


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