Erectile Dysfunction

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In this video, I review BlueChew, a subscription chewable for men that helps with ED and performance. In this review, you will listen to my experience with BlueChew, from the ordering process, shipping, refunds, and my overall results and research of this product.

Please be adviced that I am not a doctor and I do not work for BlueChew. My goal with this review is to bring awareness and information for those who have not tried this product.

Here is how BlueChew works:

BlueChew is a small blue chewable that you take 1-2 hours before you plan on any activities. You can chew or swallow depending on your preference. There is slight sweet taste so biting into the pill is no big deal.

BlueChew warns users that there may be some side effects as with any other ED treatment, but the risk of this is low to none.

Ordering and return are very simple in case you dislike the product, just put it inside an envelope and ship it back to the BlueChew headquarters.

My experience was good in general and I recommended for those looking for an ED solution.

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Erectile Dysfunction

My Honest BlueChew Review Personal Experience

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My bluechew review:
What I liked most about the bluechew – it was really quick to react and lasted even longer than stated.
The packaging was discreet and didn’t state “ED”, “bluechew”, “ed pills” or etc. anywhere…
Although, they don’t advertise as ‘making your thing bigger’ – after using it – mine surely appeared as somewhat bigger. Probably because of increased blood flow…
Personally, I think that bluechew one of the best and convenient ways to treat ED or just to make your intimate life much more powerful so to say.
Anyways, if you also tried it – let me know your experience in the comments.
Next month I’ll probably be trying the other option which lasts even longer. So is this a revolution in sex enhancement pills? – probably not a revolution, but it’s certainly a very substantial improvement.

Bluechew is a company based in Chicago USA that delivers ED pills as a subscription service. I used it to fix my perfomance anxiety and mental ED i’d been having with new partners. In this bluechew review i talk about my experience, how it worked, whether the company is legit, and side effects I had.

One big advantage of bluechew is that it’s chewable and comes in individual packets. This means I can keep the packets in my wallet and take it quickly right when I need it. I like to take mine with water but you don’t have to, you can also just swallow it with water instead of chew it.

There can also be side effects but the potency is not as strong as other ED medicines, so the risk of side effects is really low with bluechew. They also have a health assessment that you turn into a doctor and the doctor will deny you if you are at risk for dangerous side effects.

It’s also easy to cancel and tweak your billing cycle online. Like you can set it to only bill you every X amount of days or just put your subscription on hold to cancel it. You can also switch the type of bluechew and the amount they deliver online. For this review i got the bluechew that comes in the black packet, which is a bit cheaper and lasts 5 hours. The Tadalafil bluechew lasts about 6 hours.

Pleas leave a comment leaving your own bluechew reviews if you get the chance to try it, or ask me any blue chew questions you might have.

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