Erectile Dysfunction

Our Bluechew Review after using it as Couple

Steve got started using Bluechew back in January and has been using it ever since. He signed up using the free trial link and got 6 tablets of sildenafil.

So, you might be wondering, what is Bluechew and how does it work?

Here’s how Bluechew’s service worked:

First, he had an online consultation with a doctor who determined that it was safe for him to be taking sildenafil and he was given a prescription. After he received his prescription, his free trial was sent to our house and arrived a couple days after his online consultation.

After his trial was up, he opted for the $20 per month plan which gives him 6 Bluechew tablets per month.

Here’s Steve’s detailed review of the Bluechew pills:

The Bluechew sildenafil pills are small blue chewable tablets that are about the size of a dime. They don’t taste as good as gummy vitamins, however, they don’t taste too bad and are much easier to get down than brand name Viagra pills.

After I swallow one of the 30mg sildenafil pills from Bluechew, they take effect about 15 minutes later. The most noticeable effects I’ve gotten from them is that the smallest amount of stimulation will give me an erection. Besides that, keeping the erection for the entire duration of intercourse is much easier than when I don’t take them.

The only negative side effect is that sometimes I get a very mild headache a few hours after taking them. However, if I eat a small meal and drink some water it always solves the problem right away.

As a man that struggles with erectile dysfunction, Bluechew’s ED medication has been a godsend. It works every single time. I’m going to continue taking sildenafil from Bluechew since it’s much cheaper and saves me from having to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy, which I find extremely embarrassing.

So, for those wondering “is Bluechew legit?”, I can confidently say after trying it myself that Bluechew is not a scam and is as legit as they come.

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